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(in-game sound elements)

The Hierophant

    (Card Soundscapes)

Soundscapes can be defined as the acoustic environments us humans perceive. Acoustic environments include natural sounds such as animals, the weather, gasses, industrial noises, as well as our own vocalization. In the visual novel game 'The Hierophant', tarot cards are used to help solve a murder mystery case. Here's what to expect when encountering a tarot card!

The Moon XVIII

Sounds you can hear:

- light wind

- water stream

- wolves howling

- magical spirit

High Priestess II

Sounds you can hear:

- light wind

- leaves, flowers, grass

- choir harmony

- crescent glowing light 

Temperance XIV

Sounds you can hear:

- shining crown

- glowing presence

- light splashes of water

- bubbling of tube

The Chariot VII

Sounds you can hear:

- wind breeze 

- horses 

- wheels, gears 

- wood of chariot

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